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Choosing Friends Wisely is Outstanding!

Choosing Friends Wisely is Outstanding!

Friends are as important as our family. It is very important choosing friends wisely. There is a time in our life especially in the teen age when friends become more important than our family. We try to find those friends who understand us well. We identify ourselves with our friends and try to fit best with them. This is the time where parents have to be very alert, because company matters a lot. Parents must talk to their kids about importance of choosing friends carefully.  

If you are successful in finding good friends then this is good for your mental and physical health. Good friends always stand by you and support you emotionally. They help you in difficult situations and the emotional bond with them gets stronger and stronger. This is why friends are family so choosing friends wisely is outstanding. This article will guide you about choosing friends with answer to your question.    

Grade school and adolescence are considered the most important times when your child makes friends. This is the time when your child spends more time in school and colleges. They plan group study, eat lunch together, plan study tours, select sports to play and plan different kinds of hang outs. They choose their dresses, foods, interests, games etc. according to their friends. These friendships go so long, maybe till the end of life.

So, parents should be very alert and keep an eye on their kid’s company and friends. Because good friends make you a good person and bad friends can destroy your entire life and career.

Guidance for Children

Children must be very careful while making friendships. Here are some important points which they should keep in their minds during choosing friends wisely.    

  • First and the foremost thing is honesty. try to choose those friends who are honest in their dealings. If they are honest in their daily lives, they will be honest with you.
  • Those friends who motivate you in doing positive things are the best choice.
  • Think high and set targets in your life. Then select those friends who share common interests with you.
  • Try to make friends who give more importance to moral values than socio-economic status. They will help you broaden your mind and encourage humanity in you.
  • Choose those friends who help you in improving your weaknesses. Do not stay with those who humiliate and discourage you.
  • Friends who take interest in studies and have a thirst for knowledge are the best. They will remain indulged in finding something new and while sharing with you will increase your knowledge.
  • Those friends who help you and celebrate your success are the one who are your true friends. Try to stick with them.   
  • Choosing friends wisely is best. So, select those friends who you can trust in every aspect of life.
  • Understand this point that, choose your friends wisely meaning choosing the best family for you. 
  • Please keep those people at an arm’s length, who are negative and feel pleasure in doing negative things like telling a lie, cheating, backbiting, blackmailing, gossip etc. They will take you on the wrong track and will spoil your whole life and career. These are the reasons why we must choose good friends.

Parent’s Responsibilities

Every single parent wants their kids to become a good person and a good citizen. They always try to choose the best for their kids, for example, good food, good school, teach them ethics, talk to them about their rights and responsibilities and so on. Still, when the kids go out and join the community of their age, they try to copy them.   

Children try to do those things which their friends and classmates do. Sometimes their classmates or friends can be wrong and enjoy doing wrong things. Your children can also start doing that just because of peer pressure. For example, if your child’s friends consume alcohol or do smoking your child can also start doing that because of peer pressure. Because they consider it that friends are family. So, parents must be very alert about the company and friends of their kids. Parents must help their kids in choosing friends wisely. Parents can make their child listen and behave nicely. It is not compulsory to bring it into the notice of your kids that you are observing them and their friends. Try to have a secret or friendly eye on them.

You can give lift to kid’s friends.

 If your child’s friend lives nearby, then you can offer a lift to him/her. You can pick him up from school or drop at school. On the way you can have a light conversation, through which you can judge the personality of him/her.

parents are giving lift to their kid's friend to test choosing friends wisely
Parents are giving lift to their kid’s friend to test choosing friends wisely.

This will help you know either your child is adopting a good company or there is something going wrong. If it is going in the wrong direction then you can help your child while guiding them according to the upper mentioned guidance for children.

Arrange Play Dates

If you want to know deeply about the company of your child, then you can arrange playdates. You can invite your kid’s friends at home in birthday parties. You can adopt some choosing friends wisely activities which can be indoor or outdoor. In play dates you can not only supervise them but through different games you can assess personalities of your child’s friend.

For example, if they cheat during a game or lie just to gain points, use abusive language or do physical violence then it is very alarming. When your child sees his/her friends doing all this there are higher chances that he will also adopt this pattern of dealing. So, it is very necessary to tell them that friends are family and family never cheat or abuse. Family believes in fair dealing so choosing friends wisely is one of the most important tasks. Choose those friends who are just like you.      

Contact with Parents

It is very important to have contact with the parents of your child’s friends. Try to maintain friendly relations with them and talk about the likes and dislikes of your child. Try to have information from their parents to know about the company of your child. You should know where they live, what their background is and what their style of living is.

When you know about the parents well you can trust their kids as well. Secondly, having contact with the parents of your child’s friend can help you in the time of emergency related to your and their child. Thirdly, your child will feel happy and consider that friends are family so he/she has to be careful in his/her dealings. He/she will get the point rightly that choosing friends wisely is very necessary.

Hobbies of Friends

Try to find out or discuss the hobbies of your child’s friends. If his hobbies are good then you can assume that he/she possesses a gentle personality and your child is having a clear vision about choosing friends wisely. A person with gentle personality can prove a good friend for your child. Try to explore whether your child’s friend is a good student or not because if he/she is a good friend then your child is going in the right direction.

Choosing friends wisely is best, friends are playing peaceful games.
Choosing friends wisely is best, friends are playing peaceful games.

Try to observe if they have pets if yes then what type of pet they have and how they deal with their pets. It reflects that if they are good at dealing with the animals then they will be careful with the humans. It would help you to understand that your child is choosing friends wisely. Discourage your child to discuss your family issues with friends or to listen to theirs. It inculcates the habit of gossip and backbiting.


To sum up all the discussion is that choosing friends wisely is outstanding because good friends help you to make your personality and career bright. On the other hand if a person joins a bad company and makes bad friends then the results would be vice versa. It is best for every person to make a habit of choosing friends wisely. In the long run friends become family and family becomes your identity. So, everyone intends to possess a wonderful identity.

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