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Toddler Boy Easter Basket Ideas: 10 Amazing Ideas

Toddler Boy Easter Basket Ideas: 10 Amazing Ideas

Easter is a festival for Christians. It is celebrated in the memory of Jesus Christ’s victory over death. On this occasion, people do special church services and enjoy music. They light candles, ring church bells, and exchange Easter baskets. In this blog, we will discuss some amazing toddler boy Easter basket ideas.

It was the biggest moment of the Christian’s history. This is a day which is full of joy and celebrations. Normally, Easter baskets are comprised of Easter eggs, food, toys, or other gifts depending on culture and age. Today we are going to discuss some toddler boy Easter basket ideas. I will present a few items which are affordable and can be included in the Easter basket.

Play-Doh Modeling Compound 

If you are thinking about cute easter basket ideas for toddlers then play-doh is the best option. A company named play-doh offers 10 cans of non-toxic play-doh in different colors. These are available on Amazon for only $7.99 and kids can play with them easily. These are suitable for age 2 and above.

10 cans of different colored play-doh
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Why to choose it?

  1. It will be fun for your toddler to play with them.
  2. These are non-toxic so no need to worry about hygiene.
  3. Children can show their creativity while doing fun with this play-doh.
  4.  They can make different shapes and they can squish which will help for muscle exercise. Children can mix them to discover new colors. They can make animals, jewels, decoration pieces, and toys with this doh just to play.
  5. Kids love to play with the doh so, they will be very happy after receiving them in an Easter basket.
  6. It is very easy to open the container, which will not frustrate adults or kids. The containers are of high quality and can be recycled.
  7. Kids can share it with their friends and can enjoy a healthy group activity. It would help them to learn about synergizing.
  8. It is available at a very low price, which no other company is offering.

Crayola Washable Paint Sticks

Easter baskets have become a part of the Easter tradition. These baskets depict personal wealth and prosperity. It is filled with some useable items. These items are chosen according to the taste and age of the receiver. Crayola washable paint sticks are perfect for baby boy easter basket ideas.

Washable Paint Sticks
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Why to choose it?

  1. Crayola washable paint sticks are perfect to involve kids in a healthy activity.
  2. These are so convenient and attractive for toddlers.
  3. Most of the baby boys love the colors and these sticks are so user-friendly.
  4. The toddlers do not need to prepare them.
  5. They do not have to add water or oil to use them for painting.
  6. Children can draw things and can do a painting without creating mess around.
  7. These colors can dry quickly.
  8. These are the best option to use inside the room, lounge, garden, and even during traveling.
  9. These are available in 6 different attractive colors, that are Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow, and Purple.
  10. Crayola washable paint sticks are most similar to oil pastels.
  11. The color can be washed easily from skin, clothes, or the floor. This is why it is the best choice for parents as well.
  12. These paint sticks can be used on a variety of surfaces, such as paper, sketchbooks, metal, wood, etc.
  13. Putting Crayola washable paint sticks in a toddler’s Easter basket would be extremely delightful. It would delight both the sender and the receiver.

Black Forest Gummy Bears Candy

Toddlers love to eat sweets, candies, and gellies. When it comes to boys they often demand something sweet to eat. Black forest gummy bears candy is wonderful for a baby boy first easter basket ideas. You can put it in the Easter basket of your own toddler, friend’s toddler, or nephew. They would be very happy after finding them in their Easter basket.

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Why to choose it?

  • The black forest offers you 24 gummy bears in a single pack. These are of 6 assorted fruit flavors which are, Cherry, Lemon, Apple, Pineapple, Orange and Strawberry.
  • The price is so convenient only $16.49.
  • Bear is a favorite animal of most toddlers. And when they get bear gelly to eat they feel so excited.
  • These are made with real fruit juice. The gummy bears are fat-free and gluten-free.
  • Each gummy bear is so soft, delicious, and fruity that kids love to enjoy it from the first till last.
  • This item is ready to eat and perfect for snack time. These are organic and an ideal choice for both toddlers and adults.
  • It will add another moment of joy to your festival.
  • Black forest gummy bears candy is a perfect item for an Easter basket. As it is prepared with carefully chosen ingredients which make it so soft and juicy.

Luxury-Gourmet Rainbow Candy Tray 

Luxury-Gourmet rainbow candy tray is so suitable for little boy easter basket ideas. This is so perfectly packed with different delicious flavors to attract any kid. This tray can add more happiness to the joyful and blessed day of Easter.

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Why to choose it?

  • A single tray is filled with a variety of candies which is perfect for Easter delight.
  • There are four assorted candies in one tray which are triple-layer rainbow hearts, assorted fruit gummy bears, sour burst bites, and assorted fruit chews.
  • It is perfectly packed that you can directly put it in the Easter basket. There is no need for extra wrapping and decoration. It is in a lovely presentation and with delectable content.
  • It includes the most demanding taste candies from sweet to sour. If a kid does not like one then he can enjoy the other.
  • The candies are so soft and easily swallowed so there is no fear of cavity.
  • This colorful and different flavored candy tray can easily win the heart of a baby.
  • It is ideal to carry anywhere and to eat at any time i-e, in the lounge, room, or while driving.
  • The tray is comprised of four sections that do not allow the candies to mix. And you can easily enjoy your own choice of flavor.
  • The tray can be recycled once get empty. You can put different dry fruit in the sections of the tray. It will decorate the center of your table.
  • It is available at an affordable price of only $19.99.

Kinder JOY Eggs

Kinder joy eggs are so famous among kids all over the world. Toddlers like them a lot and mostly demand the adults to buy them. They can be placed in the Easter basket of a toddler boy to make him happy. It is so wonderful for little kid easter basket ideas.

15 Kinder JOY Eggs
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Why to choose it? 

  1. 15 individually packed kinder joy eggs are available for $24.85.
  2. These are the choice of every toddler all over the world, so it is a perfect idea to put them in the Easter basket.
  3. The kinder joy eggs are so delicious and healthy that it is also the choice of every parent.
  4. They can easily replace the Easter eggs in the Easter basket.
  5. A single egg has two verticle sections. One section contains eatable, comprises of sweet milk-cream and cocoa-flavored two crispy, chocolate-covered wafer bites. The other section contains an exciting toy for the toddler.
  6. It is a perfect package to express your love for your toddler.
  7. The egg also contains a delicate spoon to eat milk cream and the wafer bites. This spoon helps the toddler to eat nicely without doing the mess, such as dirty fingers, hands, clothes, or surroundings.
  8. Toys such as jungle animals, cars, bikes, etc. are ideal to involve the kids easily.
  9. The blue color on the top of the egg depicts it is for boy and pink tells it is for girls. So, you can easily select the pack of eggs for your toddler boy. Because it will contain those toys which would be perfect for boys.
  10. The toddler has to assemble the toy with the help of a helping leaflet. So, it will also help your toddler to use his imagination and sharpen his abstract thinking.

LeapFrog 100 Animals Book

Easter is a day on which we celebrate our joy and happiness. It is a day which is full of pleasure and exciting activities. Mostly adults send blessings and good wishes to the youngsters. LeapFrog presents a perfect audio and video learning book for toddlers. This book is one of the exemplary easter basket ideas for toddlers boy.

LeapFrog 100 Animals Book
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Why to choose it? 

  1. LeapFrog 100 animals book is designed in original animal colors.
  2. It is so attractive for any toddler. It is a flawless gift for a toddler especially to put in the Easter basket.
  3. This book will help your toddler boy to build and enhance his learning capacity.
  4. LeapFrog book will help your toddler to improve his fluency, vocabulary, and language acquisition.
  5. It will help the boy to learn the proper pronunciation of words, assist in phonemic awareness, and comprehension. All these elements would guarantee to boost his reading scores in the future.
  6. It would be helpful to improve his focus and attention span.
  7. The book is so attractive that your toddler would really enjoy learning through it. He would be very happy to receive such an innovative gift on the blessed occasion of Easter.
  8. It is user-friendly, the toddler has to just touch the animal and the book will tell the name and the sound of the animal.
  9. As you turn the page the book will tell you on which page you are, like pet animal, farm animal, etc.
  10. You can control the volume through the volume button.
  11. It comprises of two languages, English and Spanish. What you need to do is to just switch the button right for Spanish and left for English.
  12. The book also tells some fun facts about the animals it would become an early introduction to science.
  13. The book works with batteries. It can work with only 2 AA batteries. And your toddler can enjoy the magical learning.
  14. The book has 6 double-sided pages, with almost 12 categories of animals, like farm animals, pet animals, ocean animals, etc.

Melissa & Doug Farm Animals Sound Puzzle 

 Easter is the greatest feast for Christians. It is a joyous holiday for every Christian. Adults and kids want to enjoy it fully. But kids are kids they do interrupt adults chit chat and joy. If you are looking for a perfect attention-seeking gift for a toddler for his Easter basket then Melissa & Doug farm animals sound puzzle is a perfect idea.

Melissa & Doug Farm Animals Sound Puzzle
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Why to choose it? 

  • Melissa & Doug farm animals sound puzzle is a flawless learning kit for your toddler boy.
  • It is an ideal way to send your wishes to a toddler in an Easter basket. While sending it to a toddler you can send two wishes one Happy Easter and the other is Happy Learning!
  • This puzzle is really helpful to build eye-hand coordination.
  • This puzzle offers an enjoyable way to practice eye-hand coordination while encouraging independent play.
  • It helps to learn and improve fine motor skills.
  • It contains 8 animals with their sound effects. The puzzle is kids-friendly, the toddler has to place the animal in its dug place and the puzzle would produce the sound of that animal.
  • There is a pin on each animal so that the toddler can easily hold and place the animal in its place.
  • The sound is of high quality. Therefore, it is easily audible and understandable.
  • It encourages the toddler to play independently and improves his problem-solving skills.

Navitas Organics Superfood Power Snacks

Easter reminds everyone that there is no end till life is going on. Every ending is a new beginning, and life goes on. When we have to spend life then why not with happiness and good health. Navitas organics superfood power snacks are an excellent choice for toddler boy Easter basket ideas.

Navitas Organics Superfood Power Snacks, Cacao Goji, 8 oz. Bag, 11 Servings
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Why to choose it? 

  1. Navitas organics superfood power snacks are mighty tasty and so affordable. Its price starts from only $3.00.
  2. Every parent wants to see their toddler full of power and energy. This snack is perfect to power up your toddler though out the day.
  3. It is totally plant-based food, the nuts, seeds, and other organic ingredients make it a premium superfood.
  4. It comprises the antioxidant power of goji berries with mineral-rich cacao.
  5. Navitas organics superfood power snacks provide eight superfoods and 20% of daily vitamin C per serving.
  6. Besides putting this snack in the Easter basket, it is great for sports training, road trips, and hikes.
  7. Parents can give it as a healthy item in the lunch boxes and mid-afternoon snacks.
  8. It is of premium quality with no artificial fillers or ingredients.
  9. Navitas organics superfood power snacks are lightly processed for the preparation. So these are perfect for the health of human. Butting it into the Easter basket of a toddler means, you are sending him a packet of health.

Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone

Easter is a day on which every Christian’s heart remains full of hope, love, and peace. It reminds the sacrifice of Jesus for the wellness of His people. If you are thinking about teaching your toddler to learn peace and stay connected with his people. Then Fisher-price chatter telephone is the perfect tool to teach it through pretend-play. This is one of the excellent toddler boy Easter basket ideas.

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Why to choose it?

  • Fisher-price chatter telephone is very economic and affordable. It is available only for $7.88.
  • This telephone has attractive colors. Therefore, it can easily grasp the attention of your toddler.
  • Your toddler would sit and do his imaginary conversation with his loved ones. This would be an initial step to teach him to maintain social relationships.
  • It has wheels and a rope to pull it. So, either your toddler can sit and play with it or can drag it like a car.
  • Though it is lightweight still, its dragging feature makes it easy for a toddler to take it to the place of his choice.
  • It has an original ringing sound effect which would be fun for a toddler.
  • Playing with fisher-price chatter telephone encourages to learn Role Play.
  • This telephone has two eyes that move up and down and has a smiley face to attract a toddler.
  • Your toddler would be very happy to see it in his Easter basket as a gift.

Battat – Pop-Up Pals

Children spend most of their time in play. They play to make sense of the world around them. During playtime, they try to find the meaning of different things in the world and different things around them. On the pious event of Easter, adults should give them such things which help them to improve their settlement in this world. Battat-pop-up pals is an ideal gift to put in the Easter basket.

Battat – Pop-Up Pals – Color Sorting Animal Push & Pop Up Toy for Kids 18 Months +, Multi
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Why to choose it?

  1. Battat-pop-up pals has 4 animals that are ready to pop and play.
  2. This is kid-friendly they just have to push or twist the button and very friendly animals will come out to interact.
  3. It has four cute animals such as a lion, an elephant, a Peppy bear, and a Dalmatian.
  4. It is very beneficial to build and enhance fine motor skills and it is one of the best toddler boy Easter basket ideas.
  5. This toy will help a toddler to learn the concept of the cause-and-effect relationship and will improve hand-eye coordination. Therefore, it is a perfect toy for a growing toddler.
  6. It will encourage your toddler to explore things and to play independently.
  7. Battat-pop-up pals can be used as a tool to teach and enhance the problem-solving skills of a toddler.
  8. This toy has various attractive colors. So, it will grasp the attention of your toddler easily.
  9. It has a handle which is a part of the toy that makes it so convenient to carry anywhere.
  10. This toy has rounded edges so super safe for a toddler to play under supervision or without it. So, it is super safe.
  11. This is a non-electric toy that has no sound. So, your toddler can play with it for hours without creating a disturbance.
  12. Battat-pop-up pals would help to increase the attention span of your toddler.


So, this is all, the basic purpose of this article which is about “toddler boy Easter basket ideas” was to give some amazing ideas related to the Easter basket. You can choose a few items from the upper mentioned products and can make an Easter basket at an affordable price. And these products are not only attractive but will also leave some healthy aspects in the life of your toddler.

These toys and products can involve a child completely and parents can minimize holiday stress. Moreover, these products are easy to carry and lightweight so you can take them along while traveling. In this way, kids will get involved with them and you can enjoy stress-free travel. Wishing you all, A Happy Easter!

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