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When To Start Potty Training A Baby: Some Important Tips

When To Start Potty Training A Baby: Some Important Tips

Toilet training is not an easy job. It is not done in a single day, it may take so long to train a baby. Most of the parents think about when to start potty training a baby? And the answer is not numerical but theoretical. You have to detect the cues from your toddler about being ready for toilet training. Some kids show readiness between 1-2 years, but others may show when they reach their 3rd birthday.

In this blog, we will discuss signs that a baby shows about readiness for toilet training, things that can trouble potty training, and some quite important tips for successful potty training.

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Detecting Signs For Toilet Training

When to start potty training your baby? It is a very common question of parents who have babies. And the answer is not the same for everyone, there is “not an exact set time” to start potty training. Every parent wants their child to enjoy an easy life. Diapers are good but still, they cause rashes, dirt, and infections if not changed at the proper intervals.

Potty training varies for every child, family, and culture. Still, if you see any single sign in your baby which depicts readiness for potty training, do not waste the time. Quickly start your new adventure. some of the important signs are mentioned below;

  • pull his trousers up or down
  • can sit in a potty position
  • can follow instructions
  • shows a routine of soft and easy bowel movements
  • baby gets irritate when the diaper is on
  • has a dry diaper even after two hours
  • tell about poo and wee with gestures or words
  • shows interest for toilet

Pull His Trousers Up or Down

If you are a parent of a baby it is very natural to think about when to start potty training a baby? And when it comes to the process of potty training it requires great patience. Because patience bears good fruits. You need to wait for your baby to show signs for the potty training. Some parents start forcing babies for potty training due to family pressure but that is not fine at all.

Potty training is not a verbal task it requires physical maturity. You can start potty training once your child gets physical maturity for potty training. When your child learns to pull his trousers up and down then he is able to perform in potty training. My two-year baby pulls trousers down when he needs to pass stool.

Therefore, it is easy for both me and my baby to start potty training. Because he is able to give me a clear cue for the toilet and I can take him quickly. And he is under potty training nowadays. So, I recommend parents observe their baby keenly and when they show this sign, then start potty training.

Can your baby sit in a potty position?

One of the most important points to keep in mind is that there is no right or fixed age to start potty training. It is training that requires a complex set of physical and verbal skills. As a parent, you can sense better the right time to start potty training. Because parents know their baby very well.

But you have to wait at least one year after the birth or two. You have to observe can your baby sit in a potty position. Or what you can do is before potty training teach him to sit in a potty position. Once his muscles get strong and he becomes able to sit in a potty position then you can start potty training quickly.

Does your baby follows instructions?

Taking a baby out of diapers is so relaxing for both parents and the baby. But when to start potty training a baby? Talk to your baby, give him instructions, and watch out is he following you? When your baby starts following your instructions, it is time to start potty training.

The instructions should be very simple like stay away, come to me, sit down, etc. If your child is following such simple instructions, it means he is showing another sign for potty training. And you can immediately start the process of potty training.

Baby Shows A Routine of Soft and Easy Bowel Movements

Parents play a very vital role in potty training. They have to talk about potty training and must tell kids it is important to be like adults. Parents can read stories related to potty training. They can buy a small and attractive potty for the baby to attract him for potty training. Moreover, parents need to observe the bowel or poop in the diaper.

If babies are showing a routine in passing stool then parents can start potty training. Like they only poop in the morning or in the evening, parents must keep the record. And once that time arrives parents should start talking and asking him about poop. Either baby responds or not they must make him sit on the potty.

It will help the baby to know that this is the place to pass stool. Once he gets used to it, the baby will demand by himself to place him on the potty. Sometimes, they sit independently to avoid a mess in the diaper.

Baby Gets Irritate When the Diaper is On

Potty training demands a high alert observation from parents. They must keep an eye on their baby all the time. If the baby gets irritated when the diaper is on it is a big sign to start potty training. When a baby shows irritation after the diaper gets wet or soiled parents should start potty training.

Baby’s expressions are telling he is about to pass stool.

These signs are easy answers to the parent’s question when to start potty training a baby? Parents can also observe the facial expressions of their babies. When they feel that the baby is getting pressure to pass stool, they should place him on the potty. It would more convenient for the baby to pass stool on the potty.

Bby can Respond to the Instructions

Although potty training is a physical activity still it involves verbal communication. If a baby is able to respond to your instructions, then it is the right time to start potty training. These instructions can be of two or three words. For instance, come here, sit on the chair, sit on the potty, etc. And he responds to you like “No I don’t want “, or “ok”.

His response will be very cooperative for stress-free toilet training. As a team, you can achieve a diaper-free, adult-like life ahead.

Baby Has a Dry Diaper Even After Two Hours

Most of the parents do not understand this big sign for potty training. If a baby leaves the diaper dry even after two hours parents get worried. They think he is not drinking much water or he is sick. But if your baby is healthy and doing all the activities rightly he is totally fine.

And the dry diaper explains the maturity of your baby. Now he is able to hold his pee for two or more hours. As a parent, if you are still thinking about when to start potty training a baby? Then this is a very big sign to start it.

Tell About Poo and Wee with Gestures or Words

If your baby is quite expressive then it is a very helpful sign for potty training. It is observed that expressive kids get potty trained in a shorter time than the non-expressive. They can tell about the need to visit the toilet with verbal or nonverbal cues. These cues are very helpful for parents to train their babies.

Babies can say poo or wee, can point to their potty chair, pull the trousers down, etc. Parents should respond quickly to these signs. And they should encourage their babies on their little achievements. Because this appreciation helps the baby to do more progress in potty training.

Baby shows Interest for Toilet

If your baby shows interest to visit the toilet then use it in a good way. Make him introduce about the toilet equipment. Tell him about the use of commode, sink, soap, etc. Don’t feel awkward while talking to your baby. Because he will listen and understand if not today then tomorrow.

when to start potty training a baby, start it when he shows interest in toilet.
The baby is enjoying being in the toilet.

So, grasp this big sign as a helping tool. Make toilet training fun and positive. If your baby takes an interest to visit the toilet, start potty training quickly. It would be helpful for both parents and the baby.

Things That Can Trouble Potty Training

When do you start potty training a baby boy or when do you start potty training a baby girl? These are the same questions that do not have numeric answers. Again we have to observe the sign from baby to start potty training. In this section, I’ll point out some problems which can cause trouble in potty training.

  • fear of toilet
  • fear of flush out sound
  • constipation
  • painful poop or pee
  • interval in potty training like traveling etc.
  • delay or negligence by parents
  • accidental mess by kid on the floor
  • change of the trainer

These things can make a baby shy or afraid. And can step back in the process of potty training.

Important Tips for Successful Potty Training


All this discussion would be very helpful for the new and already parents. They can train their babies in a very friendly and positive environment. Because diaper-free life is more enjoyable. And potty training is a very first and a big step towards adulthood. You can purchase a complete Potty training guide here.

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