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Potty Training At Night 2 Year Old: Successful Tips & Tricks

Potty Training At Night 2 Year Old: Successful Tips & Tricks

Parenthood is a blessing and fun but it is not easy at all. Potty training is one of the toughest jobs which we perform as a parent. But if we take rational and baby steps then it would be relieving in the end. A diaper-free day and night. Always take your baby to the toilet before sleep. This is so important for potty training at night 2 year old.  

Potty training requires a heavy amount of time, patience, and energy. If you are a working mother or a housewife in both cases potty training is really a difficult job to perform. You need to leave your infant without a diaper or nappy. An infant will mess around and you have to clean again and again. You need to take him to the toilet every 15 or 30 minutes. This all is damn exhausting. In the end we have shared a resource for you to purchase if you want.

Honestly speaking, potty training is a topic that should be discussed. Every parent should share their views and should exchange their experiences. In this blog, I will share my experience and the techniques which I adopted for potty training at night 2 year old of mine.

Best Time for Potty Training

The first and foremost thing in toilet training is to observe the signs of your baby. These signs are so important that a baby gives and shows readiness for toilet training. Some kids show readiness when they are around two years old. Some children can be smarter and show readiness early when they are around 18 months old. But do not worry about your child showing signs late even after two. Every child has his own pattern and milestones.   

When a child observes others going to the toilet and shows interest to go as well. The baby starts walking properly and can sit on its feet even for a short period of time. Try to observe when your baby starts doing things independently. This is the best time when you can start toilet training. Some other important signs are below:

  • a baby can pull his trousers up or down.
  • can sit in a potty position.
  • can follow instructions like ‘stay away’, ‘don’t do this’ etc.
  • shows a routine of soft and easy bowel movements.
  • shows irritation when the nappy and diaper is on. Particularly when it is wet or soiled by the bowel.
  • do things independently, like arranging blocks, and can search his favorite toy like ball or car.
  • can respond to the instructions for instance saying “No” and “Yes”.
  • has a dry diaper even after two hours.
  • tell about poo and wee with gestures or words. 
A baby is trying to sit in a potty position for potty training at night 2 year old.
A baby is trying to sit in a potty position.

Selecting Words for Potty Training

Listen to your child and try to figure out which words he uses for the toilet. Every kid tries to name it according to his own will. Some call potty, poo, wee, etc. But still, some kids use body language and signs to tell about dirty diapers. Once you know their wording for dirty diapers, you can use it on and off to ask for the need to poo or wee. My two years old used to find out corners or hidden places to pass stool. I’ve noticed it so many times. Now, whenever he tries to hide I place him on his commode.

Potty Chair for Toilet Training

Most of the babies are scared while going and sitting on the adult’s toilets. So, it is so crucial to arrange an attractive and tiny commode or potty chair for the babies. Put that beautiful potty chair or small commode in the toilet and introduce him that it is your toilet. You are supposed to poo in it. The potty chair can also place in the room or lounge where your infant spends most of the time. Parents need to talk to their baby that this is the place to pass poo or wee. You will not have dirty diapers anymore.

You will not get rashes and can spend an easy and diaper-free day and night. All you need to do is to inform us whenever you get nature’s call. Talk to them politely and positively. Do not use odd words like stinky and dirty, it is already a little shy thing for the baby to talk about. The negative terms will make them more conscious and scared. Tell them it is very important for you to grow up and for the potty training at night 2 year old.

Cloth Diapers for Potty Training

When a baby wears the disposable diaper he can not feel the exact wet and dirt feelings. Because such diapers have special gels which absorb wee quickly. It is better to arrange cloth diapers or panties that have towels inside. These diapers let your baby feel that they are wet and will inform you about it quickly.

Once they realized that getting wet and having a poo in the diaper is irritating. They will start informing you about the need to go to the toilet early. My daughter was so smart she learned that early and sit on her commode by herself. If she can’t do that, she loudly informs the adult around her. As she did not like to get wet or to get dirty with poo.

Schedule Toilet Time

Try to plan a schedule for potty time. Sit with your baby when he or she is sitting on the potty chair. It is very necessary to make your infant sit on a potty chair when he wakes up after sleep. You have to make him sit in the morning after sleep and right after a nap.

You can also plan to make him sit on a potty chair after every hour. Make it a habit so that he comes to know that he has to pass poo and wee on it. Keep an eye on your baby. Spend time with your infant while playing games and reading stories. When you notice he is about to pass readily make him sit on his commode.

Mother keeping an eye on infant for potty training at night 2 year old.
A mother keeping an eye on the infant for potty training.

Always take his potty chair along even if you are going away from home. It will help you to continue potty training without any gap. Once his habit would make he will inform you during his sleep as well. This habit will benefit you in potty training at night 2 year old.

Mess During Training

On one side parenting is a pleasure and having kids is exciting. But on the other hand, it is shitty and worst as well. Potty training is one of those shitty parts of parenting. Still, if we make up our minds and use specific techniques with a firm effort. Then potty training will be new learning and success in the chapter of parenting. Always be prepared mentally that accidents will take place. An infant who is very new to potty training will do a mess.

He will pass urine without informing you. This is the time when you need to stay calm. Do not scold him or shout at him. In fact, you have to encourage him. This time you did not inform next you have to. Don’t use negative words and whenever he passes wee on his commode do appreciate his effort.

Parents need to be very alert during night hours when the potty training is in the progress. Keep extra diaper wipes and cloths to clean the mess quickly. Kids feel shame when they mess in the bed. If the cleaning process takes time then it can cause a big hurdle in the process of potty training at night 2 year old.

Other Things Regarding Potty Training At Night 2 Year Old

Potty training is not just a few days of dealing. It can take a long period of time to get a child fully trained just like an adult. Some kids get fully trained at 3-4 years old. But the other can take time till 5-6 years. No need to get worry at all, potty training demands proper time and stamina. Potty training at night 2 year old is more difficult and usually takes a longer time to achieve. Never leave your child without cloth diapers at night.

Make sure to spread an extra sheet on the bed or in the crib of the baby. It will help you to deal with the mess in case of an accidental mess. If you notice during sleep that your child is moving in the bed without any reason. Take immediately to the toilet. It is a sign that he is getting nature’s call. Make a routine to take your child to the toilet before hopping in the bed.


All these tips and tricks were very helpful for me to get my 5 years old potty trained. But she took time to wash independently. Most of the kids learn it by the age of 6. Still, do encourage them at their very small success. This encouragement will help them to do more and better. You can purchase a complete Potty training guide here.

If you see that your child is showing all the signs which are important for potty training. Yet he is not getting training for potty training at night 2 year old. Then do consult a doctor or expert for the best guidance. The doctor will also check if there are some other underlying causes. Which are causing hurdles in the way of potty training.

We would be very happy to hear from you on the comments sections of our Facebook page. You can also visit our Quora page. Feel free to leave your comments and queries about your experiences!!!

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