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How to Look After A Newborn: Some Influential Tips!

How to Look After A Newborn: Some Influential Tips!

An infant changes life completely, it gives you a wonderful perspective to live (Tylor Hanson). This is a very realistic saying as it is so relatable for almost every mother. A baby changes the life of a mother totally. First, she was concerned only with her own life but now she has to be careful about the baby’s health, diet, cleanliness, security etc. It is very important to know how to look after a newborn and some important things about it, especially for a new mother.  

This article will help you to know to look after a newborn and most of the important things about your infant’s care. it will also increase your knowledge in terms of newborn baby care 1st month. All the infants possess the same needs which are so important to be accomplished. These basic needs are so vital for proper development and growth. Negligence about them can cause problems in the long run both physically and psychologically. Here is the list of some important things about infant’s care.

  • Love and Affection
  • Security
  • Proper Diet
  • Cleanliness
  • A Healthy Mother

Love and Affection

If you wants to know how to look after a newborn then love and affection are so crucial among all the needs. As the baby is born this is an entirely different world for him than in the womb. So, the baby needs warmth and affection. An infant can easily identify his mother because he remained a part of her body for nine months. When the mother holds the infant and gives him the warmth of her body the infant can feel love and affection highly.    

Physical care 

It is so important to be careful about the physic of the baby while showing love. Let me tell you how to look after a new born in terms of physical care. Always hold an infant properly while giving support to the neck and the head. Firstly, the bones of infants are very soft. Secondly, an infant’s neck is not stable; it takes time to get fixed at the proper place. Do not not shake or bounce the baby either in play or in frustration it can be life taking.

Eye Contact

Always look into the eyes of the infant because he/she can feel the love in the eyes. Whenever you look into the eyes and call the infant’s name, he gives you a response. When you smile and talk to the baby, they can sense the love and affection so it is very important to have eye contact if you wants to know how to look after a newborn.


Many people do not know what to do what to do with a new born during the day. Make it a habit to talk to your baby. Do not hesitate to talk with your infant during diaper change, bathe, feeding etc. Spare time to read books for your baby, which will help to increase his vocabulary. This is a necessary thing about how to look after a new born. Do not expect the response from the baby because he is listening, that is enough. Still, you have to look into the eyes of the infant and you will see the infant is enjoying your conversation.


How to look after a newborn, demands a high responsibility. As this outer world is totally new for him which contains different sounds, noises, jerks etc. Which can bother the baby a lot. Try to make a sound free atmosphere for the baby because the heart of the baby is so soft plus weak, he can afraid of high sounds. An attendant should always remain around the infant physically or virtually.


Bedding is very vital part that how to look after a new born. The bed or cart of the infant must be very soft. bed must be balanced especially if you want to know how to take care of a baby boy. Because boys move a lot during sleep and they can fell off the bed. It must be secured with the bars, because an infant moves here and there while sleeping so the bars protect him against falling off the bed. Try to arrange the crib or the bed of the baby at the side of the mother. Infants feel safe when the mother is around. It is better if you share the bed with the baby so he can feel mother’s touch during sleep.


Make sure the infant is sleeping on their back because the opposite posture can block his breath or sound. Which can draw dangerous results. Newborn baby stuff must be very soft. Do not put hard or plastic toys into the crib. Avoid hairy and animal skinned blankets and quilts. Learn to swaddle, and make it a routine during sleep because the infant feels secure in it. Remove the wires and plugs which are near the crib. Always monitor the room temperature of the baby according to the weather condition. These things are so important to figure out if you are interested to know how to look after a newborn.

Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS)

Sudden death syndrome is not so common, still a mother should know about it regarding how to look after a new born. She should remain alert about the infant’s heartbeat and respiration, especially when the baby is sleeping. it is very important for a newborn baby care after birth at home. It may take place due to problems in the heart or due to some abnormality in the cardiac system. If some blockage takes place in the respiratory system internally or externally, then SDS can also occur. Follow the sleeping patterns mentioned above to avoid it.  

Proper Diet

A newborn is totally dependent on the mother for everything. Still the food is above all, it is the right of the baby to get breast feed by mother. A mother should know how to look after a new born regarding breast feed. It is also good for the health of mother. Nature has arranged the food of the baby through the breast of the mother and it contains all those essential nutrients which are good for the baby’s health. After an hour of the birth, it is necessary to feed the baby.

Important Tips

Here are some important baby care tips for new moms

  • In the beginning, breastfeed doesn’t come in high flow so no need to be worried it takes time.
  • Make you and your baby comfortable and give him skin contact.
  • Whatever the quantity and flow is done naturally, that is sufficient for the infant.
  • Breastfeed is safer than the bottle because it is transferred from the mother’s body to the infant. it does not travel or get shifted from one pot to another or in the bottle.
  • How to look after a newborn in terms of feed then let me tell you, a newborn needs feed after every hour. So, try to monitor and fulfill the need according to his/her demand.
  • A newborn, continue sucking feed minimum 15 and maximum 30 minutes.
  • Some mothers may experience problems in breastfeeding, they must consult the expert without any guilt or hesitation.
  • After 6 months you may start semi-solid and then gradually end with solid till the end of infancy. Still, some mothers start semi-solid after 4 months and it is good to train your infant about different tastes and chewing.   
  • After 6 months make your infant eat everything, which is high in protein, fiber, carbohydrates and other minerals.


How to look after a newborn in terms of cleanliness is also very important. First of all, wash or sanitize your hands when you are going to hold the infant. Newborns are very sensitive as their immune system is not so strong. Skin of the newborn is so soft and gets infected or gets rashes very easily so be very careful about the diaper change time. Twice a week is ideal to bathe the baby otherwise the skin of the infant can get dry.   

Still, if the weather is so hot and the baby is getting irritated then you may increase the number of baths. Massage your infant and apply quality moisturizer to protect the infant’s skin from allergies. Use cotton buds to clean back and around the ears. Clean the teeth (when they appear) regularly with the brush. You can use organic toothpaste or only water. This will protect the teeth against cavities.

A Healthy Mother

One of the most important things to know about how to look after a newborn is a healthy mother. Take care of your diet and add healthy meals to your table, now another life is dependent on you. Try to sleep when your baby is sleeping, this will help you to get energy and your body will relax.

A healthy and happy mother is holding a baby and showing how to look after a newborn.

Being a mother is so tiring so recharge yourself, go for a walk with your baby’s stroller. Most mothers feel depression after child birth, which is temporary. Try to talk to your healthcare professional or with some sincere one.


All in all, how to look after a newborn is a full time duty which demands a high alert responsibility. Love, affection, security, proper diet, cleanliness and a healthy mother are the most important things to grow a healthy baby.

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