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How To Get Rid Of Dry Boogers In Newborn: 5 Safest Ways To Clean

How To Get Rid Of Dry Boogers In Newborn: 5 Safest Ways To Clean

Boogers are a natural arrangement to protect the human respiratory system. But when they get dry they block the way to breathe properly. Are you searching for how to get rid of dry boogers in newborn? Then you are at a very suitable place. A caregiver has to wipe and clear each nostril gently. Sometimes the mucus is so dry and stuck to the nose walls. So be patient and ready to spend a little extra time on cleaning.

Dry boogers are so irritating for everyone either an adult or a baby. Adults can easily wash and clean their noses without hurting themselves. But cleaning a newborn nose is quite tricky. Because his nasal passages are not fully developed, the caregiver has to be extra careful about him. This article is all about how to get rid of dry boogers in newborn.

What are dry boogers?

Boogers are made up of mucus, which is so important for the security of the human respiratory system. Mucus keeps the walls of the nose moist. It is a combination of water, protein, salt, and some other chemicals. The tissues of the nose, mouth, sinuses, throat and gastrointestinal tract produce mucus.

It is sticky and can easily trap harmful substances which try to enter the human body, such as dust, dirt, pollen, viruses, and germs. Once the mucus traps some substances and gets dry and thick then it is called a dry booger. It is so normal to have boogers everybody gets them. Still, it is also important to wipe out this dry booger so that the remaining slimy mucus can perform its job effectively.

Benefits of boogers

Mucus is so important for the health and best functioning of the lungs. Our environment in which we breathe contains lots of tiny things, that are germs, dust, viruses, etc. If these tiny things enter our lungs, they can cause infection in the lungs.

It is very difficult for irritated or infected lungs to perform their duty properly. It would be very tough to breathe with the infected lungs. Therefore, nature has arranged mucus to guard the lungs as well. Mucus traps all the harmful things in the nose and does not let them enter the lungs.

Similarly, there are tiny hairs in our nose called cilia that perform a supporting role with mucus. When someone breathes in and some harmful substances try to enter the body they block them. Mucus traps those dangerous substances and cilia keep them at the front of the nose. So that they can be removed or washed easily out of the nose. Otherwise, germs can also disturb the throat causing bad throat, cough, and infected throat.

Boogers guard our overall health too. Because according to experts majority of illnesses start from a bad throat. Flu, cough, fever, influenza, asthma, dust allergy, infectious lungs, etc. all result from a bad throat. So, when boogers block the harmful microbodies in the nose they would not enter the body. The throat remains healthy and clear, so the overall health also remains well.

How to get rid of dry boogers in newborn?

It is very easy for an adult to get rid of dry boogers. They can simply blow them out of the nose or wash them out. Picking the boogers with fingers is not a good idea at all. Because boogers contain germs that are harmful to human health. Moreover picking them can also cause injury to the nose which can cause nose bleeding.

Newborns are so fragile and sensitive beings. We have to handle them with extra care, as their every system and body part is under development. In the next part of this article, we are going to discuss how to get rid of dry boogers in newborn!

  • Boogie wipes
  • Inducing sneeze
  • Electric snot sucker
  • Aspirator
  • Saline Spray

1. Boogie wipes

Dry boogers are not the issue for a healthy baby. The healthy baby has a clear nose mostly and can breathe easily. If he gets a dry booger than it can be easily wiped with the help of wipes. Because it would be at the front of the nostrils. Newborn takes a breath with the nose and if it gets stuffy then this is a big issue. Because a stuffy nose does not allow the newborn to breathe properly.

Now the question arises how to remove dry boogers from baby? A newborn is so sensitive and needs extra care in every matter. Do not panic and do not make cleaning a hassle. Boogie wipes are so soft and contain a good smell. They are like tissues soaked in saline solution.

Saline in the wipes helps to make the booger soft and then remove it gently. As the babies can not pick their noses on their own so these are the best. Parents can easily carry them in their own bags or in diaper bags. Well, these wipes can also be used by adults as an easy way to clear the nose.

2. Inducing sneeze

If a newborn catches a cold then he needs extra care and help. In the first two months, the baby primarily breathes with his nose. A booger-filled or stuffy nose inhibits easy breathing, feeding, and even sleep. In this case, sometimes the baby sneezes naturally to clear the nasal passage. But if he does not then the caregiver can induce a sneeze in the baby.

how to get rid of dry boogers in newborn
A disturbed newborn by dry boogers.

All you have to do is just tickle the tip of the nose of the newborn. This tickling will make him sneeze and the booger will be released with it. Now you need to clear the booger, nose, and surrounding area. This is a very easy way to alleviate the discomfort and clear the nose of a newborn.

3. Electric snot sucker

No doubt dry boogers and especially stuffy noses disturb a lot. A newborn, can not tell about his difficulty in breathing, feeding, and sleeping. So he keeps on crying, this not only affects his own health but also the mother as he does not let her mother sleep or work efficiently. In this case, the family wants some quick solutions. They search for how to get rid of dry mucus in baby nose.

The electric snot sucker works wonder in this scenario. Such suckers work with the batteries. they create a tiny vacuum and suck the mucus from the baby’s nose. But sometimes babies do not enjoy this process and move their legs, hands arms anxiously. Might be they do not enjoy this process, but it does not hurt at all. And snot suckers leave a clear nose to breathe easily.

4. Aspirator

Aspirators are incredible in clearing the baby’s nose. They have been used all over the world in homes and in hospitals. These are also known as bulb syringes. It is very easy to use them and they clear the nose very quickly. All you have to do is just push the base of the bulb to create a vacuum. Insert the to of the syringe into the nostril of the baby.

Slowly release the bulb in the nostril and it will suck the snot or dry booger easily. And then take the tip out of the baby’s nose. Now forcefully push the bulb so that the snot comes out of the tube and is left clean for the next use. But keep in mind that there is a limit on the use of aspirators for a newborn. You can use it only 3-4 times a day.

Moreover, you must replace aspirators frequently. Because the bulb can contain the germ of dry boogers or snot. Such germs can be harmful to the baby and the environment. So, you must replace the bulb syringe every single month or two.

Bulb syringes are available in different sizes, for newborns, toddlers, and even adults. Keep it in the mind and buy the smallest size bulb syringe for the newborn. Do not use cotton buds, hair pins, or anything that is pointy. These things can injure the nostrils of a newborn.

how to get rid of dry boogers in newborn, using cotton buds is not a good practice.
Do not use cotton buds for cleaning a newborn’s dry booger.

5. Saline Spray

Influenza, flu, and the common cold are some of the diseases which are so common in childhood. These illnesses are also one of the most common reasons for a stuffy nose. And when the nose gets dry, your newborn has left with the dry boogers. These boogers inhibit the easy breath system of a newborn. Therefore it is obligatory to get rid of them.

You have to choose a quality saline spray from the available variety. Or you can ask your newborn’s pediatrician to prescribe some. Put a few drops of that spray into each nostril of the newborn and let them rest in it. It will soften the dry booger to get removed easily. After a few minutes, you can use a bulb syringe or snot sucker. This is the answer to how to get rid of dry boogers in newborn?

Saline spray is not a medicine so you can easily use it at any time. If you have multiple kids at home then do label each saline spray. Do not use one spray for all, otherwise, germs can transfer from one baby to the other. Once your newborn recovers from the flu, do replace the saline spray bottle.

And if you use the spray every time for dry boogers then do set some criteria to replace the bottle. You can replace the saline spray bottle every month or two.


The purpose of this article was to educate you about what are dry boogers. And how to get rid of dry boogers in newborn? So we have discussed the easiest and safest five ways to get rid of them. These methods you can also use for toddlers and even adults because the process is the same for all.

The only difference is that you need to pay extra attention to the newborn for two reasons. One is that their nasal passages are not fully developed, so they must not get hurt, And the second is that the newborn cannot understand the purpose of insertion so they get wiggly. Therefore, you need another helping hand sometimes.

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