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Best Soft Foods for Babies: An Ultimate Guide!

Best Soft Foods for Babies: An Ultimate Guide!

New mothers usually ask about the best soft foods for babies when they have to start feeding solids to their infants. A wide variety of foods are considered the best in this regard:

  • Scrambled Eggs.
  • Soft Fruits.
  • Sweet Potatoes.
  • Cheese.
  • Tofu.
  • Yogurt.
  • Avocado.
  • Teething Biscuits.
  • Toasted Bread Sticks.
  • Dry Cereals and Puffs.
  • Cucumber Sticks.
  • Veggies.
  • Rice Balls.
  • Pasta.
  • Fish.
  • Pancakes.
  • Custard.
  • Pudding.

In this blog, we’ll discuss all these best soft foods for babies in detail. This will help parents, especially mothers, in understanding and making the right choices for their babies.

Best Soft Foods for Babies!

Milk is the only ideal diet for a newborn baby. Doctors around the world suggest that only milk should be given during the first six months of an infant’s life. Here breastfeeding and bottle-feeding can be the two options. Once the baby crosses six months of age, soft foods can be given as well.

This is a time that can be frightening for the mothers. Feeding the baby or letting the baby feed on his own poses different potential dangerous situations like choking, allergic reactions etc. Apart from this, mothers also wish to feed healthy and nutritious foods to their babies. All this makes selection of food items quite tricky.

best soft foods for babies
Soft foods are best for babies!

Have you seen your baby trying to take pieces of food from your plate? Do you think that your baby is ready for soft foods? Are you having difficulties in choosing which foods to start from? If yes, then you have come to the right place! Read our list of best soft foods for babies and I am sure that you’ll definitely find good options for your baby.

1. Scrambled Eggs!

Eggs are one of the most excellent soft foods to start with. In past, there used to be concerns regarding allergic reactions associated with eggs in infants. However, latest research has shown that if allergenic foods are introduced to infants early, then the chances of allergies become less.

So if you are having any doubts about eggs, feel free to start using them. They are completely safe. However, remember to cook them completely. A runny yolk or partially cooked egg can cause problems for the infants. Therefore, scrambled ages are the best option for babies. Simply cook the egg and break it into small pieces. You can also go for boiled eggs. Give them to your baby and let him enjoy!

2. Soft Fruits!

This is a very wide category of soft foods for babies. Different fruits that are very ripe are naturally soft in their textures. Therefore, they are naturally the best soft foods for babies. Some fruits can be cut into strips, some can be cut into small pieces. The thing to remember in case of fruits is to keep the sizes appropriate. Large sizes are not ideal for babies. Similarly dried fruits and seeds should also be avoided with babies. Some ideal fruits are as follows:

  • Ripe Bananas
  • Mangoes
  • Watermelon
  • Cantaloupes
  • Peaches
  • Raspberries
  • Blueberries
  • Sliced Strawberries

3. Sweet Potatoes!

Sweet potatoes are one of the highly nutritious food items for babies. They help in weight gain for babies in a healthy manner. That is why, Roasted sweet potatoes are the best way to introduce this item in your baby’s diet. The roasted sweet potatoes can be broken down into small pieces or strips as per your baby’s likeness.

4. Cheese!

Is there anything not to like about cheese! People love cheese – both babies and adults alike. Cheese is a factory of proteins and calcium. You can start your baby with pasteurized cheese because unpasteurized cheese can cause problems. Unpasteurized cheese is even harmful for pregnant mothers. Similarly, mild taste should be used in the beginning in the form of small pieces.

Once the baby has developed his taste for cheeses, other varieties can be introduced as well. However avoid varieties like feta cheese or brie cheese. This is because such varieties have the bacteria Listeria that can cause food poisoning.

5. Tofu!

There tend to be different beliefs among parents regarding tofu. It is usually seen as a allergic food item. However, this is not the entire truth. Tofu has many things inside it that the baby’s body needs the most. There is iron, fiber, calcium and protein. Therefore, tofu should be given as a soft food to babies. Simply remember to cook it in a firm-form. In this way, babies will be able to pick the pieces easily.

One thing to remember with tofu: never give it in combination with another new food. Always wait for a few days and then introduce the next new food item. In this way, tofu becomes less likely to cause allergies.

6. Yogurt!

We all know that dairy products are rich sources of calcium. Both cheese and yogurt are the preferred options in this regard. Yogurt is literally a soft food for babies. Babies can use self-feeding spoons to eat yogurt. Even if they do not use them, let them simply explore their new food. Yogurt helps in promoting the growth of baby’s bones as well as teeth. Try introducing this soft food as a snack or as a proper meal. It all depends on you!

7. Avocado!

When we talk about the best soft foods for babies, avocado is a good option. The texture of avocadoes is very creamy. Therefore, babies like them a lot while moving towards soft foods. On the other hand, avocadoes have bulk of healthy fats in them and babies do need a lot of good fats for their growth. As a result, they are highly beneficial for the heart and brain of the babies.

You can give avocadoes to your baby in the form of cubes. Other than that, you can also mash them and let the baby use the self-feeding spoon. Additionally, avocadoes can also be spread on toasts or crackers. All in all, there are different ways in which this soft food can be given to a baby.

8. Teething Biscuits!

Teething biscuits are also an excellent option while talking about the best soft foods for babies. You may think how can hard biscuits be a good option? The answer is simple: firstly teething biscuits are made strictly while keeping in mind small babies. Secondly, these biscuits tend to mush inside the mouth of the babies easily. They do not form lumps inside the mouth. As a result, babies like them a lot while they shift from milk to finger foods.

9. Toasted Bread Sticks!

Toasted bread sticks are more or less similar to the teething biscuits. Almost every baby can easily pick up the bread sticks. They keep on sucking these sticks until they dissolve inside the mouth of the babies. Avoid dry varieties of bread. Babies are less likely to eat such breads.

10. Dry Cereals and Puffs!

Are you worried about how your baby will learn the grip technique? If so, then dry cereals and puffs are the best answer for you. Babies can easily learn the pincer grasp technique through such cereals and puffs. This is because they are shaped in such a manner that the baby can pick up only one at a time.

best soft foods for babies
Soft foods are easy to chew and swallow

A very important benefit of these puffs and cereals is that they can mix very easily and quickly with the saliva inside the baby’s mouth. As a result, the dangers of chocking are lessened a lot. This is why parents prefer these items as snacks for their babies a lot.

11. Cucumber Sticks!

Cucumbers are naturally soft in texture and are a great source of water as well for the baby. They are also easy for the baby to eat. That is way giving cucumber sticks to the babies is an ideal way to introduce soft foods to them. Make sure that the sticks match potato wedges in width and length. This way they will be easy to pick and hold by the babies.

12. Veggies!

Different types of veggies are also good for the baby as they belong to the best soft foods for babies. Depending on the texture of the veggies, parents should choose them accordingly. Most of the veggies need to cooked slightly and then they are ready for eating. For instance, broccoli and cauliflower can be cut into small pieces.

In the same way, peas, beans, butternut squash and carrots can also be given to babies. Some veggies can also be mashed and self-feeding spoons can be used. Some veggies can be cut into strips and babies can easily hold them while eating.

13. Rice Balls!

When it comes to rice, brown rice are always preferred over white rice by the health professionals. However, if you want you can also use white rice in moderation for your babies. But brown rice are always the excellent choice.

Steam the rice until their texture become soft enough for the babies to eat. Then make them into the shape of balls. In this way the baby will make less mess and will eat more rice. Furthermore, the ball shape will be exciting and fun for the baby to eat as well.

14. Pasta!

Whole grain pasta should always be added in the list when you are choosing the best soft foods for the babies. This is because whole grain pasta is very healthy for the babies. Moreover, the babies will be indulged in early healthy eating habits. This will benefit them a lot in the future.

Pasta comes in a wide variety of shapes. Parents can select the shapes that their babies can easily pick and are attracted to as well. For example, babies tend to pick and hold fusilli-shaped pasta easier than any other type of pasta.

15. Fish!

Fish is a food that is rich in healthy ingredients. However, you have to take extra care while serving fish to the babies. Taking care of the bones of the fish is the primary concern of parents. This is because babies cannot take out the bones. If even a single piece is present in the fish, it gets stuck in the throat.

Always consider the type of fish as well. Certain varieties of fish are rich in mercury. They pose harm for the babies. For example, never give king mackerel or swordfish to the babies. Instead, go for varieties like cod fish and flounder fish. With fish, you can provide calcium, proteins, iron and omega-3 fatty acids as well.

16. Pancakes

Whole grain pancakes present a very good option when it comes to the best soft foods for babies. They can be cut into small pieces or strips. It all depends on your baby’s preference. If you use whole grain pancakes, you are providing good fiber, minerals and vitamins to your baby.

What’s more is that you can even buy pancake mix from markets. The option to make it at home is also always there.

17. Custard!

With the help of a self-feeding spoon, custards can be easily eaten by the babies. There are different flavors and different colors, As a result, babies are visually attracted towards this food item. This is also a way to give milk in alternative ways to the babies. Custards serve both as snacks and full-time meals.

18. Chicken!

Chicken can be given in different ways to the babies. Soft bits of chicken are one of the best way in which babies can eat chicken. You can also start by giving pureed chicken that is mixed with some other soft food item. Once your baby develops the taste, you can move on to bite-sized portions.

Meatballs of chicken are also good option for babies. They must be soft enough for the baby to chew. Cooking them in soup or sauce keep them soft. Breaking them into small pieces and giving them to the baby is the ideal way.


All in all, there are different soft foods that the babies like to eat. Developing healthy eating habits right from the start is crucial for babies. Therefore, always choose the healthiest form of soft foods as they are the best soft foods for babies.

We would be very happy to hear from you on the comments sections of our Facebook page. You can also visit our Quora page. Feel free to leave your comments and queries about the best soft foods for babies.

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